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Buck Moore (Barnacle Buck!) - (guitarzes) has really only been in one band before, Throbbin' Hoods, lovingly known as Toronto's Underground Garage Darlings. Buck was a founding member of the Hoods back in 1987, who released CD's worldwide (Ambush and Hot Live Action) and continued with the band, until the winter of 2011. Buck has gone on a writing spree with Creep Echo, including the soon-to-be massive hits "Pick up the Phone", "Quit Freakin' Me Out!" and "Perfect People". Buck's new guitar is black. He likes to cook pan-fried scallops with broccolini and lemon-dijon salmon.

Neil Saunders (Necrotizing Neil!) - (drumps) has provided the booming drum backbeat for quite a few years with many bands such as  Throbbin Hoods, Reconcilers and The Dust Collectors. Neil has played everything from small bars to the biggest music venues and music festivals in Toronto and around Ontario. He is a smoking ginger. He often has no sleeves. 

Trevor MacLean (Trevicus Swampicus!) - (4 big fat strings) The sponge-bobbin', beer-ke-teerin', pussy lovin' (well, he does have 5 cats) bass player.  Old enough to know better, but still young enough to keep doin' it again!

Stats: Born: July 6th, 1969, Marital Status: TNT, nuff said, Kids:  got 4, don't want no more, Been There, Done That!! Spent 4 years getting a business degree, just so he could play bass?!?! Played in another band; The Dust Collectors (released 4 song demo) Traveled Europe, Canada, and the US; wants to do it on tour!!!!

Steve Nicholson (Shriekin' Steve!) - (voxals) Born, bred and buttered in Huntsville, Muskoka, Steve's early influences included The Beatles and the first British Invasion.  Later came David Bowie who became a lifelong subject of interest and fascination.  Steve is currently featured in the role of The King at Medieval Times.  Steve also has appeared in the TV series Nothing Personal and Jail Break.

Dave Greer (Gravedigger Dave!) - (guitarzes) a  veteran musician, recording engineer and guitar player, Dave sprinkles his brand of musical guitar chops atop Creep Echo's swampy songs and murky beats. It's almost as if the Roman gods smile upon the swamp punks, sending gifts of divine musical fortitude, blessing those of  base speak and tune with sophistication and sonic pleasure! 

The Story of Creep Echo

 In the winter of 2011, during the Christmas Holidays, Buck Moore found himself without a band for the first time in over 20 years (Throbbin Hoods had ended a couple of months before - 1987-2011). Buck was home alone on Boxing Day and was inspired to write a medium-tempo, grindy punk song about zombies rising from a swamp, due to both the popularity of zombies in our culture and a few deaths of friends, and friends of friends, which had occurred during 2011. The song was called Creep Echo and thus Swamp Punk was born.

Buck immediately called drummer Neil Saunders, who played with Buck in the last few years of Throbbin Hoods, at some of the biggest shows of their career. Swamp Punk, quickly renamed 'Creep Echo' (based on an acoustic phenomenon), now needed a bass player, so Neil asked a former band mate of his, Trevor MacLean (from another band, The Dust Collectors) to join in on the fun. A year prior, Buck had re-connected with an old workmate from the late 1980's, Steve Nicholson, who had since joined a couple of bands as the lead singer. Buck had seen Steve perform and asked if he would be the lead singer (Buck sings but with limited range and richness, so he co-sings or does back up vocals, mainly).

An original four-piece, swamp-punk band had formedin early 2012, with the average age being 45! What the hell were they thinking? I mean, who the heck does that? Shouldn't they start a cover band and play Mustang sally for the billionth time?  Sounds like a mid-life crisis! Wait a sec! Two months later, Buck's guitar-player, audio engineer friend, Dave Greer, had expressed interest in being in a rock band, so Dave came to a rehearsal, played rainbows to the neanderthal swamp-punks, and he was immediately absorbed into Creep Echo! Now, the average age was 46!

In less than two years, Creep Echo has recorded an EP, shot three music videos, produced many live videos (including a fully-produced video of their legendary set at The El Mocambo in July, 2012), is working on another video, has written 20 songs, played quite a few shows around Toronto and is working on a full-length album (which may even be a double album). Built into the band are live sound engineers, recording engineers with a full studio available, a video production team and a professional actor (the benefits of starting an original band where everyone has a career going on!). They are a self-contained, self-producing, self-booking monstrous, musical-mayhemish....uh, band. They even handle their own music publishing through B4UShowit AV. Creep Echo is keepin' on creepin'!!

For interviews, etc, please contact Buck Moore at or text/call 416-573-8270.

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