What to expect from booking Creep Echo at your next birthday, wedding or corporate event - Creep Echo plays "songs you think you've heard but haven't" in a robust, rock AND roll fashion, within the context of early punk, but not limited to it. They sound like they're from the mid 1970's when sweaty rock music and early punk blurred the boundaries of the raw music landscape. 

Sounds like AC/DC had kids with The Runaways and The Sex Pistols raised them on KISS!

Creep Echo may have risque humour at times, may cause you to laugh out loud and may make you sing along to their raw, guitar-driven sound. If you like searing guitar licks, thumping bass, snappy drums, raw vocals, catchy tunes and practiced poses, Creep Echo is the edgy band you've been waiting for! Indulge! If you want a standard, boring cover band who plays Mustang Sally for the billionth time, we don't do that!

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